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About Us


In 1972, Bud and Marcia Myers along with their three children Philip, Gwen, and Kathy moved here into an old farmhouse on 34 acres within the Hocking Hills, along Bear Run Road in Logan, Ohio. Bud had grown up on a farm down the road about three miles from here. He and Marcia thought this would make the perfect little place to raise a family, garden, and animals here in the United States. They had just returned from the Philippines on a five year Lutheran Mission. The farmhouse had no running water, electricity, or indoor plumbing. Bud and Marcia spent a couple of years starting their dream remodeling job before returning to the Philippines for three more years.

After returning from overseas for good, years passed and things changed. More years passed and even more things changed. The Myers household was always in a state of remodeling. Bud and Marcia performed all their own construction. As the children became older, sometimes they were of help. Various farm animals came and went. We had everything from dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, horses, cows, and rabbits.

Throughout the 1980's Bud & Marcia purchased additional land. Then in 1992, Bud and Marcia decided they had missed the lifestyle of a revolving door (Their house in the Philippines was always full of passerby's, from visiting Missionaries and Peace Corps volunteers to the homeless, sick and injured.)  They decided to start a Bed & Breakfast. After a few more changes with Bud's construction, Marcia's breakfasts, and daughter Gwen' s landscape designing, they started the Bear Run Inn Bed & Breakfast.

The Goldilocks Cottage was added shortly after. The children were able to acquire property adjoining Bud & Marcia's and eventually moving back on the farm with their own children. Gwen and her husband Mike, built the Bear's Den Lodge and Bear's Den Cottage in the woods down the road. In 1999, Bud, Marcia, Philip and his wife Tonya added the Red Oak Cabin and Sugar Maple Cabin.

Since then, we have added the Aspen Cabin and Redbud Cabin. We recently completed a lengthy restoration of an old farmhouse dating back to the 1800's. Here you will find our guest registration, office and Bear Necessities Gift Shop. In August 2012, our newest Evergreen Cabin was added.

 We have always maintained a desire to keep the green-space around us as natural as possible.  As we move further into the 21st century it will even be more difficult, and we, the Myers Family, along with our helpful family and friends, want you to feel at home and truly get the opportunity to experience and appreciate nature as it was meant to be!


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